NGEN (pronounced "engine") is a team of two PC Enthusiasts with over 14 years of combined experience in PC building and design. We branded our work in hopes of sharing our passion with the community as an art form and a service to help others acquire their dream machine. 

Who We Are

About Us

Our Mission

"To leave a lasting impression while pushing the limits in design and performance, especially through water cooling"

William Foglesong
CEO - Project Lead - Designer
Our Clientèle

So far, our clients have been PC Enthusiasts just like ourselves! All have built, (or are capable of building) their own computers. They come to us for aesthetic design, water cooling expertise, or simply because they are too busy and trust us to make their dream machine a reality.

Giving Back

We've received a lot of wonderful support, feedback, and constructive criticism from the community. In return, you can always reach out to us!

Build quotes are always free. Pick our brains on the latest hardware, ask us building advice, or get another opinion on aesthetics choices. Remember, PC's are our passion. This is what we love. We're always happy to help anyone that took the time to look at our work <3

Jake LaRue
Hardware Lead - Public Relations - Designer