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Request a Quote

Navigate to our home page and use the form at the bottom to request a quote (or simply shoot me a message on Facebook!). Tell me a little about your dream computer or project. Tell me things like your budget, what you'll use the machine for, components you'd like, colors, thoughts, and your ideas. Quotes are always free! You are more than welcome to keep it for yourself or even pass it along to another company~ I am a no pressure salesman and hope to earn your business through friendly, courteous communication and a design you can't be without! :)

Discussion and Design

Once submitted to me, I will respond promptly and work within your constraints to design the computer you've been dreaming of. I'll bounce ideas off of each other and recommend hardware and designs we can accommodate. I won't stop discussing till you're satisfied and we both have a clear vision of what we're shooting for. You'll be privy to an ongoing invoice that details all parts we've chosen and associated cost. You will always be aware of where your money would be spent should you choose NGEN as your builder.


Once a design is agreed upon and you choose to proceed, I will request that you pay for your invoice. Before doing so, please read over our Terms and Conditions as paying for the invoice is also your consent to agree to these terms and conditions. I use PayPal to accept payments from our clients. This ensures that we never store or even see my client's payment information as well as provides the comfort of PayPal's Buyer's Protection. A PayPal account is not required to pay for the invoice. PayPal accepts all major debit and credit cards as well as offers forms of financing if desired. 

Building Your Computer

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, I am obligated to return to you the computer we discussed. Project times vary from build to build, but typically the computer is completed within 2-4 weeks of receiving payment. During the course of the build I will keep you informed of our progress, send you photos, discuss issues if I encounter any, if there are delays, etc.. Once completed, I'll do a photoshoot of your new computer, then crate it up and ship it to you! 

The End Result

I know you'll be satisfied because you'll already know exactly what to expect since we designed it together. That being said, there is nothing like seeing your dream machine in person for the first time :) I have a track record of my client's jaws hitting the floor and producing uncontrollable smiles. As my client, I won't be satisfied till I know my work has achieved the same response from you~

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